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Artist Statement:

"Vibrations" is inspired by a quote from The Color Purple. The background color is a literal reference and a tie to the colors in the garment paper. This vintage fashion paper is a reference to the industry itself and how the standards are set by others and are out of our control. It is up to us individually to choose how we utilize fashion and not let it determine our self worth. The subject embraces the clothing she is wearing and doing it for herself, not for the sake of others. She owns it, it doesn't own her.

This is further symbolized in her choice of earring in the shape of Africa. She combines the fashion choices to express herself. No matter what the intent of marketing in our culture, we can still determine how we own it all.

The "Vibrations" quote talks about her feeling when she connected with her roots and where she came from. It's a deep knowledge to connect with oneself and to accept and love who we are at our core. She is resting in that love. She knows who she is, where she came from, and who she will continue to grow to be.

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