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Automeris Io, for Yayoi Kusama

I am continuously exploring and pushing the boundaries of charcoal realism and mixed media. In “Automeris…” I pay tribute to Kusama, with the use of the polka dot motif. Approaching each circle as a meditation, I painted only the red negative space to weave in and out of the plane occupied by the charcoal figure. The design element of the moth is carefully chosen, not only for its primary color, but also for its echoed shapes and thematic elements. The moth is my commonly used symbol for underrepresentation, as it often takes a back seat to the butterfly. So it is with the female artist to the male… part of an ongoing visual conversation in my work.

Automeris Io, for Yayoi Kusama

charcoal, acrylic and collage element on Stonehenge paper

16x24" artwork size


Available - Contact Artist

Part of the Lunar Codex

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