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Dryocampo Rubicunda, for Remedios Varo

In this tribute to Remedios Varo, the subject is raw and regal. Her toy crown and candy ring are a commentary on the cultural presentation women are expected to make to the world. This piece discusses the challenge of authenticity, symbols of changing authority, and the embracing of one’s own definition of femininity. The light from the star catches the ring and expands in linear form across the plane as a direct quote of Varo’s piece “The Creation of the Birds.” In both instances, this design element brings a spirituality to the work, highlighting the process of creating art by the hands of women. Per the series theme, a Rosy Maple Moth sits on the woman’s shoulder as an ongoing symbol of representation and transformation.

Dryocampo Rubicunda, for Remedios Varo

charcoal and pastel on Stonehenge paper

24x18" artwork size


Part of the Lunar Codex

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