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"Polaris No. 9 (Pivot)"

Updated: Jan 29

“Pivot” is a narrative on sentimentality and reflection and the parts they play in our sense of navigation and quest for direction.

The scissortail flycatcher is the Oklahoma state bird, and an homage to my husband Evan's roots and the years of our lives we spent there together.

The bird is at rest and perched. She stops and listens and makes an assessment. She watches and takes in her environment. She pivots and gets ready to fly in the next direction she feels inspired to take. A relatable intersection we all find ourselves navigating in ways both large and small. She is aware of the “Little Dipper” constellation hanging in the sky above and knows she will find Polaris at the handle’s tip. Always there to guide her.

The bird is drawn in both charcoal and pastel on the toned blue mixed media board. The moon’s crescent and foreground shapes are anchored in metal leaf and further drawn with pastel elements. The constellation is pastel line work embellished with a singular Swarovski crystal where Polaris is located.

The frame has a special meaning to me, as it is handmade by my brother Blake. He has lent his talent for woodworking to me and produced several beautiful frames for my work. The Maple wood frames this particular work and compliments the neutral coloring in the toned mixed media board while leaving a large, white, interior floating border space for the mounted artwork.

Polaris No. 9 (Pivot)

charcoal, pastel, metal leaf and Swarovski crystal on Canson mixed media board

11x14" artwork size, 20x25" framed



Polaris Solo Exhibition

Grand Bohemian Lodge Gallery

Falls Park, Greenville, SC

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