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"Polaris No. 4 (Navigation)"

Updated: Jan 29

In “Navigation”, we see a closely cropped portrait of an anonymous woman with her hand gently resting against her face. On her finger, we see the lined image of the “North Star” in a gold metallic finish. While my work is always autobiographical to some degree, this one is a direct reference to the tattoo that I have recently acquired.

On a trip to visit my best friend in California a few months ago, I got the Polaris star tattooed on the index finger of my drawing hand as a celebration of this series and my participation in the Lunar Codex. This symbol is not only the literal title of the collection that will house my work in the Codex, and the subsequent title of my solo exhibition, it is layered in further meaning. It stands for something that humankind has valued since the beginning… the constant point in the sky that helps us find our way.

The secondary artwork in the piece depicts a portion of the moon phases in a similar design aesthetic to the metallic gold line work of the tattoo. It is separate but coordinated to pair with the portrait.

The charcoal realism is the main component of this piece and the anchor of the design of the cropped portrait. The pastel background follows the charcoal, and the metal leaf line is the final touch of the work. The frame design is a simple thin black line, making way for the large white space of the mat. This design creates room for the main portrait and the inlay of the secondary artwork, each with their own borders.

The model in this piece appears in one of my previous works of art included in the Codex.

("Garnet" for the Mujer 2022 exhibition with 33 Contemporary. Acquired by Menendez Family Collection, Illinois)

Polaris No. 4 (Navigation)

charcoal, pastel and metal leaf on Stonehenge paper

14x16" and 4x16" artwork size, 37x32" framed



Polaris Solo Exhibition

Grand Bohemian Lodge Gallery

Falls Park, Greenville, SC

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