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"Polaris No. 12 (Year of the Rabbit)"

Updated: Jan 29

This portrait is in celebration of the “Year of the Rabbit” at the time of its creation in 2023. The Swamp Rabbit is also a very popular mascot where we live in Greenville, with many depictions and inclusions of the name throughout the city’s culture. When thinking of ways to celebrate the natural world in the context of this local culture, the rabbit portrait was an immediate inspiration.

The rabbit is drawn in charcoal and pastel, with the full background executed in layers of metal leaf application and gold metallic oil paint.

The piece is framed as an oval in a traditional nod to the classic portrait structure.

Polaris No. 12 (Year of the Rabbit)

charcoal, pastel, oil and metal leaf on mounted Stonehenge paper

14x11" oval artwork size, 21x18" framed



Polaris Solo Exhibition

Grand Bohemian Lodge Gallery

Falls Park, Greenville, SC

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