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"Polaris No. 11 (Transformation)"

Updated: Jan 29

“Transformation” shows us a design that incorporates a portrait of a dragonfly among phases of the moon and directional lines.

The dragonfly is often associated with hope and change. The parallel idea of transformation in the changing moon phases has offered inspiration to humankind from the beginning.

The dragonfly is drawn primarily in charcoal and ink, with pastel accents found in the surrounding composition. Metal leaf and metallic ink embellishments are integrated with the design.

The frame has a special meaning to me, as it is handmade by my brother Blake. He has lent his talent for woodworking to me and produced several beautiful frames for my work. The Cherry wood frames this particular piece and compliments the earth-tones while leaving a large, white, interior floating border space for the mounted artwork.

Polaris No. 11 (Transformation)

charcoal, pastel and metal leaf on mounted Stonehenge paper

8x10" artwork size, 15x19" framed


Available - Contact Artist

Polaris Solo Exhibition

Grand Bohemian Lodge Gallery

Falls Park, Greenville, SC

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