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"Polaris No. 10 (Resilience)"

Updated: Jan 29

“Resilience” began as a study of a bee and evolved into a finished piece after being reworked and reinterpreted. The title reflects the very context for that reason. Not only are bees a symbol for hard work and team work, they are a constant example of resilience in their very nature.

The bee is drawn in charcoal and in the areas of overlap with the pastel painted background, additional pastel pencil work is added. The body of the bee is embellished with metal leaf accents and metallic paint details. The circular shape in the background design is a nod to the moon and the life cycle themes echoed in the “Polaris” series. Within the boundaries of the frame design, the artwork is suspended on a black background in a direct reference to space.

Polaris No. 10 (Resilience)

charcoal, pastel and metal leaf on mounted Stonehenge paper

8x10" artwork size, 18x20" framed


Available - Contact Artist

Polaris Solo Exhibition

Grand Bohemian Lodge Gallery

Falls Park, Greenville, SC

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