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"Now What?"

Artist Statement:

The subject is wearing an intricate mask of gold leaf. It symbolizes the cultural expectations that are placed on women to present our faces with a variety of socially acceptable "coverings" whether they be literal make up and style choices or the "pleasant" expressions we are expected to constantly display.

The candy ring is a humorous and somewhat obnoxious symbol of cultural expectations... the "extra" things that are sold to us to help us "measure up" in the eyes of others. It's a reminder of the facade of it all.

On the flip side, it is handled in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and coordinated. We are looking at a woman who knows herself, and has taken back these things, is wearing them proudly for herself. This is a reminder that it is all about the perspective. Partaking in our culture and enjoying beautiful things on our own terms is an exciting form of self-expression and creativity. As long as it doesn't contribute to our sense of worth...

As if she is someone who has been sold this "look" unaware, she sarcastically asks the question "Okay, I'm wearing the stuff you told me to... Now What?"

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