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"Middle Ground"

Artist Statement:

There is a beautiful tension with gray and fuschia colors, and that motif became my starting place as I explored the symbolism in this piece.

The model is beautiful, and self-assured, presenting herself in a fashionable pose with strength and confidence. She resides in the gray space between the fuchsia in the composition.

The title "Middle Ground" is a reminder to the viewer and to all women on their own journey that nothing is ever only black and white... just shades of gray. Completely demonizing the fashion industry or traditional standards of beauty will never be the answer. Each woman is an artist in control of her own image and sense of self. There is incredible power in the embrace of the tools at our disposal for self-expression. The only problem is letting entire industries determine our self-worth through toxic messaging. Or embracing the idea that we need other people to decide what is beautiful for us. We all exist somewhere in our own "Middle Ground" on a spectrum as a consumer and as a woman navigating our own place in all of it. The most important thing is the perspective we have for ourselves and the grace for every one of our fellow women on their own individual journeys. We need to change the narrative and love ourselves and others from the inside out.

Another side note: The bark fiber paper on her garment creates a somewhat transparent layer, a nod to the "screen" in the show's theme.

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