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"Hoarse and Still Singing"

Artist Statement:

"Hoarse and Still Singing" is a commentary on an important conversation that we see happening more and more in our culture. It puts imagery to a struggle that many in our society have been dealing with for ages. The singing canary is a common symbol for a warning or a sense of danger. The canaries are the ones paying close attention and the first to notice that a change has to be made. They experience the problem firsthand. Those that have been singing for a long time are hoarse. They’ve been begging us to pay attention, to acknowledge the struggle, and to do something about it. The goldfinch, or “wild canary” as it’s known, also symbolizes “optimism.” The trio surrounding the subject remain steadfast in their support. They will keep singing, no matter how hoarse they get. No matter how long it takes to get the attention of the world. This piece asks us all to identify the canaries, to listen, to mobilize, and to make changes for the safety and well-being of all.

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