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"Euchaetes Egle, for Leonora Carrington"

Artist Statement:

This piece is part of my series "Art Herstory and the Moth."

Here, in my tribute to Carrington, I have loosely rendered visual quotes from two of her paintings. I chose to highlight her strategic use of bold color and shape that she so often pairs with soft and graceful motifs. The same components are echoed in the relationship of the chosen model and moth. The bold, striped visual rhythm created by the woman’s hair is interrupted by the glimmer of the delicate, metallic hoop in her ear. The strong and confident, angular posture of her profile and shoulder gives way to the delicate wings of the moth. The overall tapestry of designs in the piece reinforce the theme of the series (“Art Herstory and the Moth”) within a posture of honor and gratitude. It brings us a direct connection between the needs in representation for all women today and those of the pioneering women artists that came before us.

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