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"This piece was created as part of a group exhibition with Walt’s Waltz, an organization that works to destigmatize mental health disorders. 'Both/And' is part of a visual conversation on the reality of a common, high-functioning dynamic. The viewer sees the calm demeanor of a carefully crafted exterior, perhaps with a few tender and subtle clues managing to escape, while the reality of the interior is a battleground for the fragmented and fiery struggle with anxiety and depression.

The contemporary style of the drawing is a blend of techniques on a foundation of Stonehenge White 90 lb. paper. Compressed, soft charcoal is the primary anchor for the portrait and both Unison pastels and Conté pastel pencils were used in the variety of background tones and line work.

The project was part of a collaboration with photographer Will Crooks. (Thank you to our friend and model A.J.)"

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