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"Attacus Atlas, for Georgia O'Keeffe"

Artist Statement:

In “Attacus…” I pay tribute to Georgia O’Keeffe, replicating in watercolor the lines from her minimalist paintings featured prominently behind the subject. The moth wings are loosely painted in watercolor, lined up as wings for the model in the portrait. The symbolism of the placement of these wings is a nod to one of the earliest phrases that inspired this series... the Latin motto of my home state of Oregon, “Alis Volat Propriis” or “She Flies with Her Own Wings.” This piece holds a special place as the first in the series "Art Herstory and the Moth." It sets up my primary narrative, to elevate the contribution of women artists and to feature more women of color as subjects. I draw and paint women that reflect and represent our population, and it is important to me that my viewers feel seen in the work.

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