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"Polaris No. 7 (Fullness & Prosperity)"

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

“Fullness & Prosperity” gives us a beautiful view of the bright, full moon. The moon frames a large dragonfly in a symmetrical pose with its wings outstretched. This piece highlights the symbolism of the dragonfly, a special gift of nature to many cultures. For some, it represents growth, maturity and an ability to adapt. For others, it means hope and prosperity. Within the context of direction in my series theme, I find the combination to be inspiring. In this piece, the moon shines full, providing light during times of change and adaptation. The dragonfly shimmers and holds hope for prosperity.

The body of the dragonfly is drawn in both charcoal and pastel, while the wings are done in a delicate ink line work and shaped with a light charcoal and pastel layer. The body and wing segments are embellished in metal leafing detailing. The background moon is rendered in pastel.

The custom frame is designed to enhance the piece with its circular black mat bordering the full moon shape, reminiscent of the night sky. The metallic finish on the wood echoes the tones of the metal and the coloring of the moon painting itself.

Polaris No. 7 (Fullness & Prosperity)

charcoal, pastel, ink and metal leaf on mounted Stonehenge paper

18" diameter artwork size, 28x28" framed



Polaris Solo Exhibition

Grand Bohemian Lodge Gallery

Falls Park, Greenville, SC

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